Thursday, 15 August 2013

POEM: Keep Me

  1. In this wicked world am I,
    Watch Thou o’er me from on high;
    Keep my soul, lest I should be
    Led astray, O Lord, from Thee.
    • Refrain:
      All I am or hope to be,
      I commit, dear Lord, to Thee;
      Oh, preserve me in Thy love,
      Till I reach Thy courts above.
  2. Keep me spotless, keep me pure,
    Keep me lest the world allure;
    Keep me in Thy secret place,
    Where I e’er may see Thy face.
  3. Keep me guiltless night and day,
    Help me Thy commands obey;
    Keep me humble, let not pride
    Ever in my soul abide.
  4. Keep me gentle, let no word
    From my lips be ever heard
    That shall wound a tender heart,
    Cause a tear of grief to start.
  5. Keep me for Thyself alone,
    Nevermore to be mine own;
    Keep me in Thy favor sweet,
    In Thy grace and truth complete.
  6. -Charles Naylor

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